Kindle Coach Pro is the brainchild of Jared Smith and Emilee Annine Moeller, both Kindle bestselling authors and professed “Kindle geeks”.

Kindle Coach Pro has helped authors in a variety of genres reach bestseller status on Amazon and offers a high-quality on-line training website that any author can access to learn our “Ready, Set, Launch” system to leverage the ebook market on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Jared and Emilee have condensed their thousands of hours of experience and training into Kindle Coach Pro’s “Idea to Bestseller” training and are committed to help authors reach their publishing goals.

Emilee-Orange-smallEmilee Annine Moeller is an actress, environmental attorney and
author of Amazon Bestsellers, Eat, Pray, HCG: Lose Weight Fast On The HCG Protocol And Keep It Off By Gaining Peace Of Mind and HCG Diet Recipes: Top Recipes for All Phases of the HCG Protocol.

In early 2013, she wrote about her weight loss experience, but had no idea what to do with her manuscript.  As a first time author, she immersed herself in the self-publishing world, learned how to market her book, and discovered how to quickly turn her very first book, Eat, Pray, HCG, into an Amazon Bestseller through Kindle Direct Publishing.

In addition to writing and publishing her own books, Emilee is the co-founder of and coaches other authors how to self-publish and promote their books on Amazon.  She has a 100% success rate with her author clients hitting the Amazon bestseller list. She loves helping other writers get their work in front of readers all over the globe through the Amazon Kindle platform.

Emilee lives in Hollywood and is currently writing a children’s book series inspired by her childhood farm life, as well as an environmentally themed book.

When JaredBio-smallJared was about 11, his brother introduced him to computers by showin him a text-based Star Trek game that had him exploring the galaxy wiping out Klingons. After that, he couldn’t get enough. Computers became a hobby and he’s been working with them for 23-years.

As a game player, puzzle solver, and self-proclaimed “hobbyist geek,” Jared likes to see immediate results. His clients often compliment him on his ability to solve problems creatively, while being able to communicate on both the technical and human sides of the computer world.

Jared has edited and published 11 bestselling children’s adventure books in the Minecraft game world, and has 3 more in the works.

Having worked as a computer tech and trainer for a trucking company, insurance company, Disney, and the University of Utah, Jared currently freelances as a computer guru—working on everything from management and web applications to website design and consulting. He studied computer science in college.

Outside of his computer created realities Jared loves bouncing and flipping on a trampoline, playing Ultimate Frisbee, word jokes and poetry and staying sane with a daily dose of yoga. Steve Jobs and Bruce Lee are his inspirations—for Jobs’ “outside the box thinking” and Lee’s passion for his craft and drive for constant improvement. Plus, Jared says, “Lee’s just so damn cool.”