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You could go out and read EVERY book ever written on Amazon Kindle sales, spend HOURS attending trainings, or go out and through trial and error PUBLISH on Amazon like we have…


Spend just a few hours going through our “hold-your-hand”, easy-to-follow training that simplifies and condenses what we have learned about how to create Amazon Kindle Bestsellers.

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You will get our comprehensive “Ready…Set…Launch” system, including:

  • 30+ private and exclusive “over the shoulder”, step-by-step training videos, showing you how to research and brainstorm your bestselling niche, easily and cheaply construct a high-quality book designed specifically for Kindle, and develop a customized targeted marketing strategy.

You will get laser-focused training and learn how to:

  1. Select an eye-catching cover that will boost visibility and sales
  2. Use Amazon’s built-in search engine to increase readers’ access to your book
  3. Find the best niche to rank as a Bestseller for your book
  4. Save hours and hours of struggle by strategically outsourcing book building
  5. Correctly price your book to supercharge sales and ranking
  6. Properly format your book for the Amazon Kindle platform
  7. Learn exactly how to launch your book into the Kindle stratosphere!
  • Each video lesson is topic-specific and focuses on a single element of the “Ready, Set, Launch” system.
  • Lessons include PDF downloads, a list of helpful website links, and a set of specific actions, designed to get you out of  theory and into doing exactly what you need to publish your book NOW.

We also include some top-notch BONUSES!

Bonus #1 – FREE Bonus video [Training on how to use free formatting software] (a $97 value)

Bonus #2 – FREE Bonus video [How to avoid the little-known “category trap” that no one talks about but that could cost you sales] (a $397 value)

Bonus #3 – FREE List of Top Outsourcing Resources (a $27 value)

Bonus #4 – FREE Amazon Kindle Launch Strategy PDF [Laser-precise, step-by-step plan for a successful Amazon book launch] (a $247 value)

Bonus #5 – FREE Copy-and-Paste Template #1: Starter Review Emails

Bonus #6 – FREE Copy-and-Paste Template #2: Cover Designer Hiring Template

You get our Bestseller Secrets!!

There are little-known keys to ranking higher on Amazon’s bestseller lists and we know them.  How?  We have used them and know they work time after time.

Would you rather spend hours and hours trying to figure it out on your own?  Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone take you through the process, step-by-step so that you can become a published author without the heartache and struggle?

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Imagine being able to…

  • Idea to Bestseller

    Use our “Idea to Bestseller” system to maximize your exposure using Amazon’s algorithms to boost sales.

  • Turn-Key Outsourcing

    Take advantage of our “turn-key” outsourcing secrets that allow you to crank out your bestseller for a fraction of the cost you would have to pay out of pocket to build your book (and a fraction of what you would pay to a self-publishing company).

  • Simple Ranking secrets

    Implement our secret “cave man simple” method to rank your book as a bestseller within 5 days of publishing.

  • Cut-and-Paste Templates

    Take the guesswork out by using our top-notch, cut-and-paste templates to create and market your book.

  • Scene-Stealing Cover Design

    Create a scene-stealing cover design that will boost your sales by over 80% without hurting your wallet (and in fact saving you hundreds of dollars).

And, Hey! How about some proof?

I find this training amazing and look forward to applying it to get more of my own library out there.

Peter J. Stahl, Author of Amazon bestsellers Halloween Poems and It's In The Nursery Rhymes and the upcoming novel, Dark Reckoning

I’ve always wanted to write a book. I was wildly lucky to discover the enthusiastic tutelage & incredible Kindle knowledge of Emilee. It would have taken me years to accumulate all of their impressive Kindle knowledge. They made my book publishing dream come true….

Emilee’s extremely impressive knowledge, passion, intelligence and enthusiasm for e-publishing made me realize I could easily publish my first book.  Not only did I publish my first book due to the techniques in this course but we also have a bestseller.  What Jared and Emilee do is like magic. I am so grateful for the "Sigfried and Roy" of Kindle publishing.

Sundae, Author of Amazon Bestselling children's book, The Sprocketeers: Great Giza Gonzo

Kindle Coach Pro’s ‘Ready, Set, Launch’ training is very thorough, insightful, and entertaining and will set you up for your own successful bestseller.

E. Churchill

Working with Jared on publishing my novel The Bishop Witches through KDP was the best decision. Any question I had, was answered. Any fear was reassured. He was excited about my success and helped my book become a bestseller. Without his advice and guidance I don't think it would've gotten as much exposure as quickly as it did. He works for you, because he truly wants you to succeed.

Ruby Knight, author of Amazon Bestseller, The Bishop Witches

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  • 30+ “over the shoulder”, step-by-step training videos,
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  • “Turn-key” templates
  • and more!

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