It’s like magic

I’ve always wanted to write a book. I was wildly lucky to discover the enthusiastic tutelage & incredible Kindle knowledge of Emilee. It would have taken me years to accumulate all of their impressive Kindle knowledge. They made my book publishing dream come true….

Emilee’s extremely impressive knowledge, passion, intelligence and enthusiasm for e-publishing made me realize I could easily publish my first book.  Not only did I publish my first book due to the techniques in this course but we also have a bestseller.  What Jared and Emilee do is like magic. I am so grateful for the “Sigfried and Roy” of Kindle publishing.

Invaluable Resource

Kindle Coach Pro was an invaluable resource as I went through the process of self-publishing my book. It offers everything, from formatting to cover design to figuring out how to maximize your book’s potential. Kindle Coach Pro taught me everything I needed to know to help my book become a #1 Bestseller in it’s respective categories! Such an excellent resource for a first time author, or an experienced author looking to bring their next book to higher levels.

You have a friend

If you have a book in you and don’t know where you start, you have a friend in Emilee and Jared. Emilee’s classes and their Kindle Coach Pro website will give you all the knowledge you’ll need to become a Number One Bestseller on Kindle. They generously share their own hard-won experience and knowledge with you and show you how to succeed!

Very Thorough

Kindle Coach Pro’s ‘Ready, Set, Launch’ training is very thorough, insightful, and entertaining and will set you up for your own successful bestseller.

Amazing Training

I find this training amazing and look forward to applying it to get more of my own library out there.

Best decision

Working with Jared on publishing my novel The Bishop Witches through KDP was the best decision…and helped my book become a bestseller. Without his advice and guidance I don’t think it would’ve gotten as much exposure as quickly as it did.

Focused and helpful

The information is focused and helpful; Emilee is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and supportive.  I’m publishing a series of short stories and twenty-nine titles later, I’ve had twenty-nine Amazon bestsellers.  This is the real deal.